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Monday, October 24, 2011

Closing times…

Only about three weeks left in my time with SCC. this year has gone so fast and i have done so much. i am ready to go home, to sleep in a bed i can call my own and have 4 walls around me for more than just a visit. I love my job but its not easy to live in a tent and not have the comforts of every day life for so long. My internship with the forest service ends on the 11th. one of my best friends lydia fly in on the 12th and we start a road trip. our itinerary takes us on an adventure across the country. It will go like this: Albuqu, Durango, Moab, Golden, St. Louis, Atlanta, Charlotte, Wash. DC, WEST CHESTER! i can't wait!

My internship has been great! i get paid to go backpacking with one of my best friends. we are called wilderness stewards and are serving in wilderness areas. we finished the first 2 ( they thought we would only have time for one) and this week we start on the Sandias witch is right in town, a lot less remote. after that we have office work to do, not the best but we survive. our boss is great and so laid back. we get to work at about 9:30 and leave at about 2. cant really complain about that days work. we spend afternoons running, or at the library. I found two great games at thrift stores, battle ship and guess who. so JR and i have spent hours playing those, making our own variations and adding new twists to the games. we watch movies on my laptop that we get from the library and then fall asleep with our coyote neighbors howling. a few weeks ago i was able to make a camp connection. JR and i went to dinner at the Marburys a falling with 4 kids and a pastor Dad. we went to their church and had a great time hanging out. Its great to met other people and spend time with a family.

The most common question i get at this point is what are my plans, what comes next? for the holidays ill be at home. recuperating and haloing Santa/Mom with christmas shopping and organizing closest. i have applied and had an interview with a job in Australia and should hear back soon. i have a friend that works there so i have some confidence that i have the job, but trying not to get to excited until it is official. That job would start Jan 3, 2012 and would be for a year. i would work as a Outdoor education leader for students i the Outdoor Education Program. Lots of things to look forward to at this point but focusing on enjoying where i am right now.