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Thursday, June 7, 2012


The past two weeks i have been traveling around a bit. My traveling companions have been the usual JR and Jared as well as Clair and Andrew aka Cluster. we started in Rye borrowing a car from a friends and traveling down to the quiet  beach town that is built for the bustling summers but was empty with only dog walking locals to interrupt our game of bocci ball on the beach.

    We then went back to the city (melbourne) and attended a footie game my second ever and it was a close one in a sold out stadium so as the teams took turns in the lead as the time ran out and my team took the victory there was jumping and hugs for all including strangers. the next day we went ice skating with a bunch of friends and then to coffee and drinks and finally to a bar to meet friends. sunday we hung around town until our train left around 7:30 for the long slow ride to sydney. Arriving around 8:30 AM after almost no sleep we met JRs friend had some coffee where she worked and then headed to manly beach. it was much warmer up in NSW and so we went in the water and the boys went for a surf. JR was the only to catch the wave but the 2 hours they had the board for were very entertaining for all.  taking the ferry back as teh sun set over the city and the opera house and the bridge was one of my highlights. JR and i then made our way to my friend Chelsea's house where we were going to stay. she was headed back toe the city with friends so we tagged along and met up with ours again. we went to a hostel bar where they did hermit crab racing it was very entertaining and we ended up choosing to stay with our buddies around the corner rather than head all the way back out of the city. the next morning headed out for a walk and explore of the city and then went back the Chelsea's house till dinner when we went in for a steak. the next day i hung low tired from all the travel and city walking. until around 4 when i went in and explored the light show that was happening this month around the harbor. it was really cool to see the different ways light had been made in to art. i grabbed some fish and chips along the dock and headed to the opera house to meet up with some others for a play in the famous building. it was a good play though not remarkable enough to remember the name. it was worth it and now i can say i saw it in the opera house. then next day (we are now on thursday) i met up with JR who was now staying at his friends Somonas house had some lunch a walked around for the afternoon. we explored the botanical gardens and the market, i got some authentic aussie uggs and we poked around the opera house in the light. we found a free concert going onn and watched for a while. there was a really cool play ground we spent some time in and then he left to meet up with his friend and i met up with the others to catch the train back here to melbs. now i am in the victoria state library and amazing old building with many rooms full of quiet people. i really like it here but i look forward to the bus home and being able to sleep in my very own bed tonight. what a pleasant feeling that will be. so that is a very dry and boring play by play of my week of tourism. i had a great time but i am ready for a rest day tomorrow, cause sunday i head to the snow to hike the 5 tallest peaks in australia. not remarkable high but remarkable nontheles.  i wish i were a more motivated talented blogger.