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Sunday, January 29, 2012

yes i made it... a month ago.

i have been here almost a month now and this is my first post. oops. here is a quick update. Spent new years on the beach in apollo bay. moved to Eildon, VIC and got to know tons of new people from around the world. My time has been cram packed with trainings and today is my 5 day off since being here. it is very warm here but i am getting use to it, having transitioned from winter.i really love the people i am getting to know and have made a bunch of good friends. its been hard to spend my few days off in from of a computer so i have not kept in touch very well. i am sorry for that. email is the best way to reach me. my address here is:
Emily Bauder
109 Gouldburn Valley Highway
Eildon Vic 3713

if you write me a letter i promise to write back!
this week i have raft guide training and then swift water rescue. i am looking forward and nervous for both! the river is cold so it will be nice to spend the next two weeks in and out of it. i live at staff housing so our back yard is a big field and most mornings there are kangaroos outside eating the grass around our laundry line. there are usually a mom and 2 joeys closest to the house but they are easily startled. just up the hill is a dam with cool brown water that once we got over the mugginess of the water we can not stay out of it. there is a group of at least 4 people in it after work everyday. its a great way to cool off after a day of baking in the sun at the high rope course. usually we throw on our life jackets and jump in with our liquid of choice and just float till we get cold or board or the sun sets.
Eildon is a very small town about a 15 min walk from my house. the food is very expensive but most eh town works for OEG so going to the one little strip mall is always a social occasion. i just got a bike so that should help make my commute a bit easier although o get home means a long uphill gravel drive. i am loving this country and cant wait to get a chance to see more of it.