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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hitch one: part one

My Crew: Jake, Jared, JR, Kristen, Chase, Danielle, Maghan, Me
Crew Name: The Los Hobos

This is at the location of our first hitch (and second) we are doing work for the Buero of Reclamation, they kinda control the colorado river, they damn is save it fish it, ect. we are working on these things called HOBOs they measure the relative humidity, temperature and sunlight in their location. the BOR has planted native trees all along the Colorado to help bring back more natural wildlife, the HOBOS let them monitor that. I'll explain more of what this looks like when i get a bit more time later today.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I got back from camp (NH) on monday and after looking at the weather my dad and I immediately decided that to avoid the snow and other bad weather we needed to leave the next day. So i drove 8 hours monday, stoping in boston to drop Carson and Chris off and went right home and immediately started packing like a mad woman. the wonderful Frang ( a friend from Gordon) came by to help and calm me down. it worked and i got a lot done. we left the next day at around 1 and headed south, hoping to avoid the snow but with no such luck. west virginia didn't feel the need to use ice but we did. My dad did all the driving in the snow and we got to harrison burg virginia at about 7:30, had a wonderful dinner at IHOP (witch still to this day reminds me on the movie i am sam) and went to the home of Kelly Elizabeth, my long lost neighbor and West Chester friend, and pretty much went right to bed.

January 12th, 6:30 am we depart and head to Nashville TN. only a few things to note of our long day in the car. I am learning/perfecting my manual driving skills so this adds a bit more excitement to the time while i am driving. i really do ok but getting started is occasionally a little rough. the check engine light is on and we are choosing to ignore it. this maybe the first time in his life my dad is doing this and i can tell its bugging him. another thing... the speakers don't work... thats right over 40 hours in a car with now speakers! we have a little one that attaches to an ipod and we are about halfway through the hobbit. not much else to report.

Everywhere we have driven so far is really beautiful an the snow has only added to that but i am ready for a change of scene and am looking forward to the midwest. tomorrow is another long day on the road but for tonight we are at the Grosses, my dad works with there dad and they have 4 kids ages 10-17 (thats a guess). My dad and paul have been talking macs and iphones and pads and apps for the past few hours, I'm ready for bed, but its only 9:45. (we also went through a time change today)

this is boring, sorry if you read it. i swear that things will get more exciting once i get to Tucson, only about 1600 miles to go. I am will get pictures on here some time too.