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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hitch one: part one

My Crew: Jake, Jared, JR, Kristen, Chase, Danielle, Maghan, Me
Crew Name: The Los Hobos

This is at the location of our first hitch (and second) we are doing work for the Buero of Reclamation, they kinda control the colorado river, they damn is save it fish it, ect. we are working on these things called HOBOs they measure the relative humidity, temperature and sunlight in their location. the BOR has planted native trees all along the Colorado to help bring back more natural wildlife, the HOBOS let them monitor that. I'll explain more of what this looks like when i get a bit more time later today.


  1. yay for a pic & post of the team! I want to hear more about them, camping in the southwest, and how the HOBOs and little trees are holding up... oh and seen any gila monsters?

  2. No gila monsters but lots of other wildlife!