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Monday, July 25, 2011

The Weeks Flew By

Well we just finished the end of the second month this past weekend! you last heard about my Day crew. this past month i was on a camping crew leading 8 15-17 year old doing projects for a month! my crew was great. we had a rough start but by the end they had bonded and i loved them all. This job is probably the hardest i have had, and i cant deny that there are moments when i wonder what i am thinking, but those are followed by moments with the kids bonding or just seeing them grow or work or laugh together and as cheesy as that is, it make all the hard times worth it. i have found ways to relate to these kids that i never ever thought i would.
If you know me you probably know that i didn't do that great in high school and the only reason i tolerated school at all was for my friends, this trip i had a 15 year old kid who had been dealing weed and his parents signed him up for the program. one day while working with him he started talking about school and stuff. we had very similar stories when the work day ended he asked if we could talk about it more. i was able to encourage him and maybe boost him up a bit so he can realize that he has still time to work hard in school and it is ok not to be the student your teacher expect because people learn lots of different ways. after the trip i talked to his mom for a few min and she told me that he seemed like a different kid and that the trip was so good for him. this is what makes me love my job!
i originally was meant to go right back out on a camping crew on sunday but due to lack of work they had to cancel one crew, so for this week i get to go to the farm that SCC shares and help out harvesting a weeding there with one of my house mates. its amazing having some time away from kids and be able to just hang out with another girl. next week i will go help the one camping crew so they have a female leader, and the week after that i get time off to go to my dear friend Anne's wedding witch i have been counting down to for a while now!
after summer ends i get an internship so will be moving to either Albuquerque or to lakewood ( just outside denver) i will be either working with the BLM or forest service depending on what one i get. so another move and another town, saying good by to my crew who i have lived and worked with for the past 8 months! it will be a big change so i am enjoying being here now in this great town with great friends. i really do love my job!!!!!!

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