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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Done and Done

My job for the forest service ended on Nov 11th as well as my job with SCC. one of my best friends Lydia Luse fly in from boston to drive with me. Lydia and i started our road trip in Albuqu. New Mexico, that same day we went up to Durango Colorado where i spent the summer and stayed with my good friend jared for two days. Then we headed off to Moab utah but took the million dollar highway and stopped in Ouray Colorado and took a dip in the hot springs. we got to Moab late that night and camped at a sight between the road and the colorado river. the moon was not out yet so we didn't have any idea of the surroundings. around midnight the moon came out waking both lydia and i from our slumber, in our midnight fog we both thought it was the sun rising because it was so bright. i then woke up at least 3 times after that wondering why the sun was taking so long to rise. Only when the sun really did rise did i realize that it was the moon. we woke up that morning to blue skys and realized how cool our camp spot was. our tent couldn't have been more that 10 ft from the river that was silently flowing through a huge canyon. the wall on the other side of the river must have been about 200 ft tall! (see photo) WEe spent the day exploring Arches National Park and attempting to take Jumping Photos (out of over 100 tries we have 1 or 2 good ones) it was perfect weather and hardly anyone was in the park this time of year. after the park we had planned to camp
another night but our VERY good friend Anne lives only a few hours away and the temptation to see her more could not be resistied. so we headed out of utah and finally started east. we arrived in Golden Colorado later that night and spent 3 days at annes with her and her new (3months!) husband Spencer. anne had to work a bit so while she was working we went to Fort Collins to see anot
her favorite person Maryjane. we got a tour of the New Belgium Brewery and headed back to golden. another night we went to see Lydia's childhood friend Kelsey and her band, Kendellwood. the next morning after breakfast with kelsey we headed out to conquer the vast expanse some call kansas. we did this all in one day but not with out the help of donald miller and his book A Million Miles In A Thousand Years. It was a very good book and we both got lost in it being brought to tears and Laughing out loud. we got to kansas that night and Annes dad happened to be there, he
was very very VERY kind and got us a hotel room, and took us out to breakfast the next day. (i have the most wonderful group of friends from Gordon with the most wonderful families) then we headed east to St. Louis. we stayed with Lydia's cousin in her dorm room that night and had a great time feeling mature and grown up having been out of college for over a year now and having just finished listening to a book that made us feel educated, wise and reflective. after dispensing our wisdom on Tory and her roommate, both only encouraging our false sense of wisdom by eagerly soaking up our words, we went to downtown St. Louis. We went to the City museum recommended to me by my friend Amy from camp. this as the coolest man made place i have ever been. i would try to describe it but it would only make this long p
ost much longer, so check it out yourself ( you need to go there! Early the next day we left for Atlanta Georgia, where my co worker and good friend form this year lives. We stayed with his friend rob that night and the next day brought him home to his parents house and freed up space in that car by leaving his belongings from the year. So, with a little more breathing room we headed to Charlotte North Carolina, to my cousin Garrett and his wife Meghans House. we had a great dinner and our best night of sleep yet. The next day headed north to Washington DC
where lydia grew up and Where our friend james now lives. we had dinner with him then headed j
ust out of town to stay with Lydia's parents for the night. Very early the next day i left to avoid thanksgiving traffic and said good bye to lydia and our adventure and races the 3 hours home. i was home by 7:30
and was greeted by my favorite dog in the world my very own Zac with all the appropriate winning and wiggling and doing figure 8s around my legs. I walked in to the house to the great surprise of my mother who was the only one awake. She wasn't expecting me until 11ish. and so i was home for the first time since january, and here i am for another 28 days.

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