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Friday, April 20, 2012


Sitting in my room this morning looking at my blank walls wondering what it will take to make this room seem more like mine and less borrowed i decided to decorate. the problem was that i didn't have anything to put up. no pictures no posters i had already hung the letters i had received from friends and family on my one wall but the white of the other 3 was over powering. then i remembered that i occasionally stick things in my bible that i like to come across and so i cracked open the stiff but well loved binding of the holy book. much to my surprise the thin pages of my bible were choke full of goodies with meaning and home all over them. among the things i found were the following:
school Pic of jill N.
pics of my sisters
camp photo of the trip staff
the best letter my little sister ever wrote me that makes me cry every time
photos of the one and only Lydia Luse
a sherpa note from the beautiful Cait Snyder
a drawing from JR
a book mark with a poem made by the wise Heather Lenahan
notes from sermons and new testament
a cross bookmark made by the talented Dasha
and an add i ripped out years ago with a toast on it:

A Toast
to nearest
to dearest
to the crew
to cahoots
to the ones who've been there
to the ones who'll be there
to dropping everything
to saying anything
to no judgements
to no doubts
to loyalty to trust
to favors
to life longs
to been to long
to nothings changed
to having history
to having your back
to moving away
to never to far
to growing up
to settling down
to your second family

I went looking for a reminder of home, and found it in the one place i should have know held home all along.

Dear Friends and family i miss you.

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