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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Trips tripS TRips

In the past month i have some great trips and a few not so great ones. i had wonderful group of all girls. they were lovely and so easy. then i have a not so easy group of co ed year 7s. 9 boys and 4 girls all under my care and the care of a teach (who switched out halfway through the week) both the teachers i worked with were on their cell phones most the week and didnt invest much in the kids. meaning that it was mostly me who was running around trying to make everything happen. the kids were for the most part really good. but they were year 7. so they did a lot of things wrong. I got to work with several great support staff for different activites that we did so that was good and i got some good feedback from them that i handled my wild group very well considering the energy level. after that week i was proud of my self. last week was on canoe support so that meant that i was a helper on the canoe part of 2 different groups journeys. We were in Kangaroo Valley in NSW (my first time in the new state) it was so pretty and very foggy every morning with only 1 day of rain that was not so bad and loads of warm sun. I started on one side of the lake and canoed across with a group then on wednesday at lunch dropped that group off and went right back with a new group. the first half of my week the GL had it all under control but the 2nd half the GL was tired and loved having my help. luckily i got along very well with Bri ( the GL) so didn't mind stepping in and acting as a GL 2. i had a great week with the boys even though it was very tiring. Because of our numbers we had uneven number of people so i was paddling a canoe solo for the entire week. but i am stronger now. i have great pictures but they are one on this computer so you may want to check facebook if i ever get to uploading on there. thankfully that trip lead in to 2 weeks of holiday so here i am in New Zealand recovering and enjoying time off before the first week of term 2 starts. one down 3 more to go!

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